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What will not be covered in a general home inspection

A home inspection service is important to perform before you jump on any offer for a house for sale. Such a process is recommended whether you are buying a home through a real estate agent in Chattanooga or not. The report that you get from the home inspector you hire should be able to assist you to make a sound decision on whether you should purchase the property or not.

While a home inspection service is important for any home for sale in Chattanooga, the service might not have some other aspects. This is due to their nature which demands the attention of a specialist to inspect and provide their valuable information. Some of these that will not be covered within a general inspection service include;

Inspection for damage caused by pests; for this type of inspection, you need to hire a licensed pest control expert who will be able to examine the condition of the home and determine whether it has been severely affected with pests. The various components of the building from the woodwork to the structures on the basement will be checked for damages caused by any types of pests

Issues caused by Radon; the home that you are purchasing might be affected with radon gas that is quite harmful if you inhale it. You will need an expert to conduct such a type of inspection and if they detect any traces of the gas, then the home is probably inhabitable. The radon gas appears as an invisible and odorless gas that forms from the breaking down of uranium found in soil

Mold damages; a normal home inspector is not well-informed on how to detect damages that might be caused by mold. They are unable since the damages may just be in their initial stage and thus not easily noticed on the structures of the building. The home inspector specialist for this task will have to use a trio of different air samples for the task

Issues caused by asbestos; for the issue of asbestos on a home for sale, it is ideally out of the scope of a normal home inspection service. This would need to be done thoroughly as opposed to the basic nature of the general home inspection service.

Orangeburg sewer pipe; this would need a highly specialized home inspector who is experienced in old types of home equipment. This type of sewer pipe is not common in modern households and that is why some home inspectors may not be able to figure out anything wrong with them.

The home inspector you hire should, in good faith, recommend whether or not a specialized home inspection service should be done. This is after they have noticed something that may be wrong with the building and they are not able to figure it out; mainly because they are not specialized in that sector.

Bottom line

As indicated above, a general home inspection service covers the general components of the home. You will need to hire specialized home inspectors to check the condition of other aspects of the home. For instance, for the case of an Orangeburg Sewer pipe, not just any home inspector in Chattanooga would be able to figure out any issues with it.

Author: Desmond Thornton