Home Inspection

What will not be covered in a general home inspection

A home inspection service is important to perform before you jump on any offer for a house for sale. Such a process is recommended whether you are buying a home through a real estate agent in Chattanooga or not. The report that you get from the home inspector you hire should be able to assist you to make a sound decision on whether you should purchase the property or not.

While a home inspection service is important for any home for sale in Chattanooga, the service might not have some other aspects. This is due to their nature which demands the attention of a specialist to inspect and provide their valuable information. Some of these that will not be covered within a general inspection service include;

Inspection for damage caused by pests; for this type of inspection, you need to hire a licensed pest control expert who will be able to examine the condition of the home and determine whether it has been severely affected with pests. The various components of the building from the woodwork to the structures on the basement will be checked for damages caused by any types of pests

Issues caused by Radon; the home that you are purchasing might be affected with radon gas that is quite harmful if you inhale it. You will need an expert to conduct such a type of inspection and if they detect any traces of the gas, then the home is probably inhabitable. The radon gas appears as an invisible and odorless gas that forms from the breaking down of uranium found in soil

Mold damages; a normal home inspector is not well-informed on how to detect damages that might be caused by mold. They are unable since the damages may just be in their initial stage and thus not easily noticed on the structures of the building. The home inspector specialist for this task will have to use a trio of different air samples for the task

Issues caused by asbestos; for the issue of asbestos on a home for sale, it is ideally out of the scope of a normal home inspection service. This would need to be done thoroughly as opposed to the basic nature of the general home inspection service.

Orangeburg sewer pipe; this would need a highly specialized home inspector who is experienced in old types of home equipment. This type of sewer pipe is not common in modern households and that is why some home inspectors may not be able to figure out anything wrong with them.

The home inspector you hire should, in good faith, recommend whether or not a specialized home inspection service should be done. This is after they have noticed something that may be wrong with the building and they are not able to figure it out; mainly because they are not specialized in that sector.

Bottom line

As indicated above, a general home inspection service covers the general components of the home. You will need to hire specialized home inspectors to check the condition of other aspects of the home. For instance, for the case of an Orangeburg Sewer pipe, not just any home inspector in Chattanooga would be able to figure out any issues with it.

Author: Desmond Thornton

Auto Glass Cleaning Tips

Ways to Remove Spots and Residue from Your Car Windows

You rely upon your windshield for a number of reasons – it helps keep the wind from striking you in the face while driving, diverts debris away from you, and keeps out moisture in the event of precipitation. In the past, windshields were capable of providing these benefits but did not have some of the more modern features like tinting available. As windshields continue to garner more and more features, the aesthetic appeal is something that becomes more of an expectation than an amenity. Unfortunately, there are plenty of real-life events and elements that can disrupt your visibility and clarity while on the road.

The most common form of distraction while on the road is the spots of residue, dirt, and other substances that can find their way onto your windshield. Over time, many of these types of spots will slowly build a home on the surface of your windshield, making it very difficult to clean them via traditional means. This should not be something that you have to simply ignore whenever you get behind the wheel. Thankfully, there is now enough knowledge and ingenuity at our fingertips to remove these troublesome occurrences from the auto glass and ensure safe driving. Below, we will discuss a few different ways that you can remove spots and residue from your windshield and windows.

Remedies for Water Spots

These troublesome spots are the most common form of distraction that can manifest on your windshield and require an auto glass repair. You no doubt have many of these water spots on your windshield right now; most are subtle enough that they are only noticed in certain forms of light, but wet conditions and other situations can cause them to suddenly appear more pronounced. When you are driving in inclement weather, you need to be sure that these water spots are not producing additional glare or obfuscating visibility. Thankfully, there are a couple of different remedies to consider.


The first remedy that can be used on water spots is an application of vinegar. Since water spots are primarily comprised of minerals like calcium, an acidic substance such as vinegar can be a great way to break down the bonds. Water spots can also be caused by acid rain, soap, and other so-called additives, but calcium is the most common culprit. By mixing a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water in a bottle, you can spray it onto any glass surface and allow the concoction to sit for a few minutes. After this time, you need only wipe down the windshield with a smooth, soft cloth to remove the residue. Do keep in mind that depending on the amount of residue, you may need to repeat this process more than once.

Steel Wool

Another common way to remove some of these troublesome spots from your windshield is via the use of steel wool. Since most of the accumulation of water spots is directly tied to minerals such as sodium and calcium, a fine-grade steel wool option can be the perfect way to remove these minerals from the surface of your windshield. You can find the perfect type of steel wool for this task at a hardware store, so please ask the next time you visit. Traditional steel wool solutions (like the type designed to clean dishes) can be too abrasive and may damage the windshield, according to the Auto Glass Rescue Blog. This process works best for older windshields – if you have a newer windshield, then continue reading to find out about a better solution.

Detail Clay

Depending upon the age of your windshield, detail clay may be the best solution for the removal of these spots. With older windshields, small pits and holes in the surface of the windshield may pick up this clay and leave it trapped there. If you own a newer windshield, however, detail clay can be a great tool that removes water spots and other types of residue. You can simply roll the clay across the windshield in a back and forth fashion to collect this debris and remove it safely from the windshield. Detail and auto glass shops keep plenty of detail clay in stock, so don’t be afraid to ask for this powerful solution.

Tougher Stains

Sometimes, aesthetic damage and staining are simply too profound to be adequately removed via the above remedies. In this case, you may need to make an appointment with your local auto glass repair shop. While the glass may not be damaged, these businesses will have the tools necessary to assess your windshield and see if the stains and spots can be removed. In many cases, they have special solutions on-hand that can remove even the most difficult of spots in no time at all. You may wish to check with your auto insurance company beforehand, however, as these costs may not be covered.

Safety is the number one concern when it comes to your windshield. Even if your auto glass is free of cracks and chips, smudges and spots can prove to be hazardous when on the open road. It is because of these concerns that occasional maintenance of your glass in the form of cleaning is needed to prevent the serious build-up of minerals, dirt, and other contaminants. You can quickly perform most of these forms of maintenance every few weeks, but a prolonged ignoring of the situation can make the removal process much more difficult. When in doubt, always consult with an auto glass technician to ensure no damage occurs to your windshield or windows.

Real Estate Buying Tips

Cul-De-Sac Living Challenges

Purchasers as a rule line up for houses on a cul-de-sac. These dead-end boulevards (commonly with a rounded end to encourage the moderate progression of vehicles there) invoke dreams of calm rural delight, far expelled from the risks and clamor of rapid traffic. This may clarify why purchasers have been referred to pay as much as 20% more for houses for sale in Chattanooga Tennessee on cul-de-sacs. In any case, in case you’re longing for one day living on a cul-de-sac, there are additionally a couple of downsides to ponder. So how about we expel those rose-tinted goggles for a second and survey a portion of the not exactly wonderful parts of cul-de-sac life that could, truth be told, drive you somewhat insane.

Inconvenience No. 1: Kids

Children. Clingy fingers, messy faces, ear-penetrating shouts … all that stuff intensifies ten times in the bounds of a cul-de-sac. By the righteousness of their encased, low-traffic presence, cul-de-sacs support play, action, and sports of different types. There’s a decent possibility your front grass could end up as home plate or the 50-yard line.

“Children play before our house constantly,” says Meg Anthony, who lives in a cul-de-sac with her better half on Long Island. “What’s more, better believe it, it can get irritating.”

Real estate agent Brandy Martin, of Keller Williams Realty in Chattanooga, TN, says she’s seen a few purchasers pull back at all the children’s toys and movement encompassing cul-de-sac homes. “My customers were seniors searching for harmony and calm,” she clarifies.

Inconvenience No. 2: Property harm

Furthermore, with kids come commotion, yet in addition flying articles pushed by kids.

“I had my vehicle windshield broken by a baseball,” says Sara Anderson of Chattanooga, TN. Williams lived in a cul-de-sac home before scaling back.

Anthony includes, “The children in our neighborhood are really conscious, however, I’ve heard stories from friends who’ve had blossoms trampled or letter drops dented and stuff that way.”

Irritation No. 3: Neighbors you see and deal with day by day

Neighbors, generally, are a reality you will need to deal with regardless of where you own your home. Be that as it may, in a cul-de-sac, you will be extra-friendly.

“Our neighbors are really close,” says Anthony. “Everybody is friendly, yet you definitely need to anticipate seeing somebody something like each day. There’s definitely somewhat of a blame factor. Along these lines, in case you’re not into helping your neighbors do things like snow-blow or scoop the garage, a cul-de-sac presumably is certifiably not an incredible decision.”

Inconvenience No. 4: Parking issues

Suburbia normally offers free stopping, which is a major in addition to it. Be that as it may, in case you’re packed into the end of a crowded cul-de-sac, stopping can demonstrate testing, particularly in case you’re tossing a Memorial Day grill when you need bunches of spots.

“I’ve seen individuals need to stop really far away,” says Anthony. “The road space around the cul-de-sac tops off before long when another person has any sort of occasion going on.”

Trucks can likewise make some precarious memories exploring a cul-de-sac. Take trash assortment, for instance.

“The waste vehicle definitely occupies a great deal of room in the city,” says Anthony. “When there’s a ton going on—individuals leaving for work and stuff that way—it can get irritating attempting to get in and out and around.”

Irritation No. 5: Access issues

Disregard stopping. Consider the possibility that there’s a house fire and a fire engine needs to get into the cul-de-sac right now. Given that there’s just a single route in and out, huge vehicles require additional opportunity to explore their way in there and can get stuck up quickly.

That is terrible news in the event that you have a house fire yet in addition in the event that you have to purchase fire insurance. After a fire destroyed 3,450 homes in a San Francisco suburb in 1991, insurance agencies got restless about tolerating new applications for protection if the homes being referred to were in sure territories.

As nearby insurance broker Denise Buckwalter told us, “If the house is situated in a cul-de-sac where there’s just a single path in or out … it might be progressively difficult to get insurance.”